Beautiful Creatures Movie

Okay so me and Sarah went to see Beautiful Creatures today! Whooa happy Beautiful Creatures Release Date!

So here’s the official Trailer!

I personally think that this amazing, Poster below!



Right anyway to the review.

I picked this book up in the library and Sarah read it before me and loved it, so I had to read it and I did in about 2 days. It was amazing! So since I found out they were making a movie I was sooo excited. So anyway went to see it today so we got up supper early to get ready as we had to catch a train cause being our hometown they weren’t showing it which was typical!

So supper early and what did we want to do play Candy Crush Saga yeah weird. Anyway my kitten which I will put a picture in seemed excited as well :O

So we got ready and waited at the train station for about an hour because my timing is terrible, but before that I dropped my phone again, terrible crack that looks like hair is on it. So we got on the train got into Oxford and sat by the canal which I love to look at the ducks and there was this person fishing, I thought it was weird.

So when we finally started the film I couldn’t contain my excitement! I loved it sooo much. It was beautifully told and soo very different to the book. Amma was amazing, I mean her playing the keeper of the caster library was awesome I personally thought that it wouldn’t work but it did. There was soo many twists and turns and things I didn’t even see coming, even though it was in ways different to the book it drew so much from it and the director kept it so close to the book.

The detail in the film was incredible, the amount of work, that was incredible to. The different clothing was awesome, the dresses that Alice, Emmy and Emma wore were fabulous, Jeremy irons just made it for me. He was the one I was looking forward to seeing and I was blown away.

The ending, hmm it left so much to the imagination. There better be a sequel!

As you can see super excited Tin Tin!


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