So basically my sister, Sarah came across this website called Sarah is addicted to this site and told me to look at it and I did, and to be honest it’s amazing.

The website gives a chance for unpublished authors to share there work on a website where they can see if it will draw in readers. There are a lot of really good stories and one I came across a book called Life’s A Witch and I have to say the book is amazing. The author Brittany,s she’s such an amazing writer and I suggest you look up her book when it comes out on December 8th.

Another person what was suggested I may like by Lily over at was kate Hawkings and to be honest I am really looking forward to reading her book which is out sometime in February. You can check her out at KCHawkings.

The question that has been lingering on my mid is why do people chose to self-publish and well I came up with a few reasons.

1. They want to be able to decide what best fits into their novel.
2. Taking the traditional route may not work.
3. The traditional publishing route does not fit in with their ideas.
4. They want full control of their novel.

So tell me why do you think people are choosing to self-publish?

Happy Reading.