Review: Mesmerize by Artist Arthur

In My Mailbox #2You can’t move forward until you deal with the past… Starting over is nothing new to diplomat’s daughter Lindsey Yi. She’s grown up changing schools the way other girls change clothes. Still, moving to Lincoln, Connecticut, is different. Although she’s still reeling from the loss of her parents in an accident, Lindsey is finally in a place that feels like home. Because here, Lindsey’s ability to read other people’s thoughts doesn’t make her weird. It makes her one of the Mystyx.When Dylan Murphy—hot, popular and a senior—starts to notice her, things get serious, fast. But even as she’s figuring out how she really feels, the Mystyx realize that they’re not the only supernaturals in town. There are other gifted teens who have different motives. And they are hoping to get close enough to the Mystyx to convert them—and the world—to Darkness

So not having read this series from the beginning I was a little lost, but I can tell you that this author is good, and I plan on reading from the beginning of the series to get up to date because I did like it. You should totally read it!

Even though it was good I have to give it:


Happy Reading!



Review: Drink Deep by Chloe Neill

Clouds are brewing over Cadogan House, and recently turned vampire Merit can’t tell if this is the darkness before the dawn or the calm before the storm. With the city itself in turmoil over paranormals and the state threatening to pass a paranormal registration act, times haven’t been this precarious for vampires since they came out of the closet. If only they could lay low for a bit, and let the mortals calm down.
That’s when the waters of Lake Michigan suddenly turn pitch black-and things really start getting ugly.
Chicago’s mayor insists it’s nothing to worry about, but Merit knows only the darkest magic could have woven a spell powerful enough to change the very fabric of nature. She’ll have to turn to friends old and new to find out who’s behind this, and stop them before it’s too late for vampires and humans alike.

Chloe Neill never fails to impress me. She’s such a superb writter.

I have to admit I was heart broken at the end of Hard Bitten when Ethan died but even though there was aspects in Drink Deep of him I was simply still heart broken.

Merit is still trying to find herself in this one and it’s made worse with the fact that her master and lover is now gone. She finds friendship in Jonah a vampire we meet before. I have to say it was nice to see Merit branch out a bit but I will never get over the fact that she is meant to be with Ethan.

I needed more of Ethan and Chloe brought him in at the best moments even if it was just during Merit’s dreams, he was still there even if it ended it short.

There were a few shocks and surprises in this book, especially at the end. I always thought that was the person who was causing all this and I was happy and dissapointed at the same time because I love this character, they’ve been in it since the start and you learn to love the characters that are like these; especially when it comes to all of Chloe Neill’s character’s they’re just so real. You feel as though you can connect with them even if we don’t live in a place where magic and vampires are real, but hey never say never.

If you’re a big fan of Chole Neill and her Chicaoland Vampire books you should defiantly read this one.

Can not wait to read Biting Cold.

Happy Reading!



Review: Lost In Time by Melssia de la Cruz

After their beautiful yet brief bonding ceremony in Italy, Schuyler Van Alen and Jack Force are forced to separate. To fulfill the Van Alen Legacy, Schuyler travels to Alexandria to search for Catherine of Siena and the Gate of Promise. But Schuyler quickly discovers that everything she believed about the Gate to be wrong. Meanwhile, Jack makes the difficult decision to return to New York to face his twin and former bondmate, Mimi. But instead of a bitter reunion, he is faced with a choice for which there is no good option.

Mimi, with a most unexpected travel companion in Oliver Hazard-Perry, jets off to Egypt, too, to search for Kingsley Martin, her long lost love. With all roads leading to Hell, Mimi learns that not all love stories have happy endings. But she’ll have to put her own feelings aside if she’s going to save her crumbling Coven.

Packed with heartache, twists, and vampiric folklore, Lost in Time is sure to satisfy hungry fans’ cravings for more Blue Bloods adventure.

The covens are still falling one by one. Schuyler and Jack are finally bonded and in search of the Gate of Promise to help the Blue Bloods win the war and end the Silver Bloods one and for all.

Mimi has travelled to Egypt in hopes of freeing Kingsly the one she loves having to travel to hell with none other then Oliver Hazard-Perry.

But betrayal and sacrifice is not far behind the young Blue Bloods and they may just have to sacrifice everything they know to stay alive.

This book was just what I needed. And I am sad that there is only one more left.

In this book we find out why Schuyler’s mother did what she did and what lies ahead for Schuyler and Jack now that they are bonded. Mimi finds friendship in Oliver but having to choose between Oliver and Kingsley is harder then she fought. But she has to choose something even if it means sacrificing the one thing she may need, her soul.

You will be amazed in heartbroken in this book. But its an important book to the series.


Review: Everneath by Brodi Ashton

Last spring, Nikki Beckett vanished, sucked into an underworld known as the Everneath, where immortals Feed on the emotions of despairing humans. Now she’s returned- to her old life, her family, her friends- before being banished back to the underworld… this time forever.

She has six months before the Everneath comes to claim her, six months for good-byes she can’t find the words for, six months to find redemption, if it exists.

Nikki longs to spend these months reconnecting with her boyfriend, Jack, the one person she loves more than anything. But there’s a problem: Cole, the smoldering immortal who first enticed her to the Everneath, has followed Nikki to the mortal world. And he’ll do whatever it takes to bring her back- this time as his queen.

As Nikki’s time grows short and her relationships begin slipping from her grasp, she’s forced to make the hardest decision of her life: find a way to cheat fate and remain on the Surface with Jack or return to the Everneath and become Cole’s…

After seeing the trailer for this book I suddenly had to read it.
This book is amazing. It had me hooked from the beginning.
Brodi Ashton is an amazing writer but I was in tears by the time the book ended.
Niki Baker finds answers that’s she’s wanted for a very long time. She’s been holding onto this memory of a boy, the boy that may have caused her to make the choices she did.
You wont be disappointed by this book I can guarantee this.

P.s. watch the trailer below!!

Review: Beutiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Ethan Wate thought he was getting used to the strange, impossible events happening in Gatlin, his small Southern town. But now that Ethan and Lena have returned home, strange and impossible have taken on new meanings. Swarms of locusts, record-breaking heat, and devastating storms ravage Gatlin as Ethan and Lena struggle to understand the impact of Lena’s Claiming. Even Lena’s family of powerful Supernaturals is affected – and their abilities begin to dangerously misfire. As time passes, one question becomes clear: What – or who – will need to be sacrificed to save Gatlin?

For Ethan, the chaos is a frightening but welcome distraction. He’s being haunted in his dreams again, but this time it isn’t by Lena – and whatever is haunting him is following him out of his dreams and into his everyday life. Even worse, Ethan is gradually losing pieces of himself – forgetting names, phone numbers, even memories. He doesn’t know why, and most days he’s too afraid to ask.

Sometimes there isn’t just one answer or one choice. Sometimes there’s no going back. And this time there won’t be a happy ending.

These two authors never fail to amaze me and this book was no exception.

Ethan is worrying when he starts to forget the small things – names, numbers and memories and he’s to scared to ask. On top of this Ethan and Lena aren’t able to figure out how stop Lena’s choice from changing everything they know. Link is now some kind of Caster-Hybrid which he still doesn’t know but one thing Link does know is that he will help Ethan no matter what.

Riddley’s hiding her own little secret and its in no time that everyone finds out what that is.

Ethan finds answers in this book whether he’s ready to or not.

Problem is this book doesn’t have a fairytale ending.

It will leave you hooked till very end.


Review: Bite Club by Rachel Caine

Morganville, Texas, is a quiet college town where humans and vampires live in relative peace. But lately a great deal of blood is being spilled—not in a feeding frenzy, but for someone’s twisted idea of entertainment.

After discovering that vampires populate Morganville—and surviving a number of adventures with her new night-dwelling friends—college student Claire Danvers has come to realise that for the most part, the undead just want to live their lives.

But someone else wants them to get ready to rumble.

There’s a new extreme sport being broadcast over the Internet: bare-knuckle fights pitting captured vampires against one another—or, worse, against humans. Tracking the signal leads Claire—accompanied by a loyal group of friends and frenemies—to discover that what started as an online brawl will soon threaten everyone in Morganville. And if they want to survive, they’ll have to do a lot more than fight…

I’ve been a very big fan of Rachel Caine the moment I picked up Glass House and she didn’t fail to make me fall in love with her all over again.
Old enemies are back in this one and new ones as well. Claire worries as Shane pulls away from her into the an extreme online boxing fight.
I have to admit this book did have me hooked and I can’t wait to read her next one.
Well done Rachel 🙂


Review: The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfield

Nobody is safe in the secret hour.
Strange things happen at midnight in the town of Bixby, Oklahoma.

Time freezes.

Nobody moves.

For one secret hour each night, the town belongs to the dark creatures that haunt the shadows. Only a small group of people know about the secret hour — only they are free to move about the midnight time.
These people call themselves Midnighters. Each one has a different power that is strongest at midnight: Seer, Mindcaster, Acrobat, Polymath. For years the Midnighters and the dark creatures have shared the secret hour, uneasily avoiding one another. All that changes when the new girl with an unmistakable midnight aura appears at Bixby High School.
Jessica Day is not an outsider like the other Midnighters. She acts perfectly normal in every way. But it soon becomes clear that the dark creatures sense a hidden power in Jessica . . . and they’re determined to stop her before she can use it.
A story of courage, shadowy perils, and unexpected destiny, the secret hour is the first volume of the mesmerizing Midnighters trilogy by acclaimed author Scott Westerfeld.
This book is amazing!! It literally had me hooked, I was so upset when it ended but I can not wait to read the next one.

Jessica Day moves to the small town of Bixby she discovers that she is a Midnighter; someone who stays awake in the secret hour. She has trouble as the darklings, creatures that are after her.

It kept me on edge as I wasn’t sure if any of the characters would survive each secret hour, and I was curious to find out what exactly Jessica Day was capable off, and why the darklings were so scared of her.

When it came to an end it had me wanting more, especialy the last thought Melissa hears.